Why God Won’t Deliver You From Addiction

You’ve thrown yourself face-down on the altar too many times to remember. You’ve been to Christian counseling. You’ve prayed and read your Bible tirelessly. You’ve exercised every ounce of faith you can muster. You have literally cried out in desperation for Him to deliver you from the chains of addiction—but nothing happened. God did not deliver you.

Here’s why (in the form of a syllogism):

  1. All addictions are sin.
  2. Jesus delivered all believers from sin.
  3. All believers are delivered from addiction.

We have all heard one or two stories of a miraculous deliverance. God can deliver anyone from any addiction anytime He wants—but He usually does not—because He already has.

If you’re seeking divine deliverance from addiction you are actually seeking deliverance from habitual sin. When you do this, Jesus looks back at you from the Cross and asks, “What do you think I did for you 2000 years ago?”.

Understanding this marvelous truth is the first step to true and lasting freedom from addiction.

In this short video clip taken from The Breaking the Chains Seminar, I discuss why the probability is so high that God will not miraculously deliver Christians from addiction, despite their sincere and earnest desire.

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Looking for how Jesus does set captives free? You need look no further than The Breaking the Chains Seminar.

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