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These include The Biblical Provisions for Addiction. The Breaking the Chains DVD’s and Workbooks are available so that individuals or groups can explore the seminar principles in depth according to the degree of desire and need. Paul also conducts Teacher Training workshops on The 7 Laws of the Learner, The Teaching Triad (balancing the intellectual, relational, and behavioral for a balanced group dynamic), and more.

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Paul Stark is available to consult with both residential and non-residential ministries on how best to help individuals find true and lasting freedom from addiction in Christ. Having served in three residential recovery ministries, he is well acquainted with what is effective and what is not. Paul also is available for help with structure and implementation of adult discipleship groups with the goal of life-transformation.

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Paul Stark wants to see God’s children find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life. Topics include current Christian education theory for discipleship group leaders (pedagogical vs. andragogical approaches), How to Defeat Temptation, Walking by the Spirit, Overcoming Habitual Sin, Finding God’s Will, Suffering and Peace, and much more. Paul also speaks on the value of a biblical approach to addictions.

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