We are so grateful for the many who have expressed their appreciation for Provision House. Your encouragement is what drives us to remain dedicated to helping Christians experience what God has made so freely available to us all: The “Abundant Life” and “Joy Made Full”.

Neil-1194x1194Provision House is an oasis in the desert for those who struggle with addictive behaviors and really desire to live a free and productive life in Christ.
Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Author, Victory Over the Darkness, Freedom from Addiction and Author or Co-Author of over of 50 books
Paul Stark’s ministry dealing with addictions from a Christ-centered, biblically based approach has had an 86% success rate.  As former director of counseling, I highly recommend Provision House to those coping with addictions of any kind.
Dr. James H. Ballard, Author, Healing the Hurt and Facing the Pain of Past & Present
I truly believe that Paul is gifted through Christ to help people find freedom. His compassion is seen right away. My behavior has totally changed because of how he presents this ministry. He never once came across as judgmental. His work I feel is truly Christ ordained. I thank the Lord.
Kathy, Live Seminar Graduate
David-Klempner-367x367Allow me to begin by saying a hearty AMEN! Wow, Bravo and Congratulations! I believe that after ten plus years of teaching substance abuse, I have finally found what I have been looking for in your material and need to look no further.
Rev. David Klempner, Staff Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL
When my recurring trouble with addiction to pornography came to a crisis point, I sought help from the Breaking the Chains Seminar offered by Provision House. I found there a series of teachings specially suited to my particular need and which ran deeper than anything that I had encountered in my three-and-a-half decades of walking with the Lord. The instruction was biblical and comprehensive in its treatment of spiritual strongholds and Christian service and gave me the tools and ammunition I needed to successfully deal with my problem. I enthusiastically recommend Paul Stark and Provision House for anyone who is struggling with an addiction and desires a cogent, scriptural solution.
Jim, DVD Seminar Student
I could not believe it when I started reading Paul’s philosophy on addiction. I realized that everything he said reflected a great deal of my own personal struggles with 12-step recovery. I praise God for your work in His service. It is a valuable ministry and the need is great.
Randy Hill, Support Group Leader, Country Church, Corpus Christi, TX
Larry_Lacivita_65x65The way that the Lord has gifted Paul and used him is absolutely miraculous.
Rev. Larry Lacivita, Benevolence & Care Pastor and former support group leader
The church really needs to open up her doors to any and all people and provide avenues by which they can come to Christ, and Provision House can be an awesome avenue by which that can be accomplished.
Rev. Kelvin Smith, Lead Pastor, Steele Creek Church of Charlotte, NC and Author, Living On Target
Paul, thank you. I don’t know if I have ever in my whole life been this peaceful. I know that I am loved, I am free, and I can do all things through Christ. My heart has been burdened for so long with so many things that I am just enjoying the rhythm of its beating, slow and easy. Wow! I just didn’t know. Thanks again
Debbie, Counseling Appointment
I did go through the material with my family. We loved it. I’m planning on using it with a small group this year.
Rick Caynor, Missionary, ABWE, Thailand
As Paul walked me through the Scriptures, he presented Romans chapter six to me in a completely new light. It was as if for the first time my ears were opened and I truly understood the powerful truth of Romans 6:7, “For he who has died to sin is freed from sin.” I still get excited when I remember truly understanding this revelation for this first time. I sat in Paul’s office and cried tears of joy as I realized that I was not doomed to repeat this cycle again and again, that when I died with Christ, and was baptized into his death and resurrection, that I too died to sin, and rose to a new life!
Aaron, Counseling Appointment
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