What has ultimately brought evil and suffering in this world is our departure from God.

So says brilliant apologist Ravi Zacharias.

When pain and suffering are severe, we have a tendency to turn from God—but to what? The question of suffering is enormously complex. […]

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You’ve thrown yourself face-down on the altar too many times to remember. You’ve been to Christian counseling. You’ve prayed and read your Bible tirelessly. You’ve exercised every ounce of faith you can muster. You have literally cried out in desperation for Him to deliver you from the chains of addiction—but nothing happened. God did not deliver […]

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Do NOT Resist Temptation!

“It may surprise you that nowhere in the Bible are we told to ‘resist temptation’. We are told to ‘resist the devil’, but that is very different….” So wrote Rick Warren in his seminal book, The Purpose Driven Life…and he’s 100% correct. […]

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Asking for Forgiveness vs. Confessing Sin: part 2

I get it. We ask for forgiveness because we feel guilty and ashamed, repentant and undeserving. But if we have to ask for forgiveness of sin, it means that the substitutionary, atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the cross was insufficient. We still have to ask for forgiveness. Something is wrong with this picture.


Morality, Legality, and Philosophy

I listened to this and thought I just have to share it. It is a rough rendering of something said by Ravi Zacharias.

The Hebrews gave to the world the moral categories. The Romans gave to the world the legal categories. The Greeks gave to the world the philosophical categories. The pursuit of the […]

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Understanding Aurora: Part 2

In my last blog on the tragedy in Aurora, CO, I mentioned that I “was appalled at the lack of understanding by broadcasters of the event, officials at the scene, [and] television and radio talk show commentators. . . .”

Well, it turns out that there was at least one substantive broadcast that dealt with this shocking […]

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