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Message from Paul Stark

Thank you for visiting my website. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Provision House. Whether it be for yourself or someone you love, you will discover truly helpful resources here for anyone caught in the stronghold of addiction.

What kind of addiction matters little. What's important is that, not only does God care deeply about His children held captive in addictions, but He has provided precise biblical principles for finding true and lasting freedom. Other programs may help you achieve abstinence or sobriety, but they can't help you achieve freedom. Only Jesus sets captives free.

My full biography, as well as important informaton about the ministry of Provision House, is available on the About page.

Explore the pages of this website. There is much to learn from—and much more to come—so please subscribe to my email list and get updates on everything new.

Don't hesitate to send me an email with any questions. So far, I've been able to personally reply to every one I've received.

The Breaking the Chains Seminar

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Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Matthew 5:6.

The way the Lord has gifted Paul and used him is absolutely miraculous.

Larry Lacivita
Benevolence & Care Pastor
Steele Creek Church of Charlotte, NC
Provision House is an oasis in the desert for those who struggle with addictive behaviors and really desire to live a free and productive life in Christ.
Dr. Neil T. Anderson
Author, Freedom from Addiction, The Bondage Breaker, Victory Over the Darkness, and many more
AMEN! Wow, Bravo and Congratulations! After over ten years, I have finally found what I have been looking for.
David Klempner
Staff Pastor
First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

Do you have a sincere and authentic desire for right living?
If so, Jesus promises to satisfy that desire.

Success Rate Comparison

Those who receive no treatment at all. See here-->and here-->and here.
Better than AA 30%
Celebrate Recovery (CR’s estimate*)
*We can find no evidence that Celebrate Recovery has conducted a formal study or survey. Apparently, they estimate their success rate. 80%
The Breaking the Chains Seminar (Provision House)
Results of a 3-year survey of seminar graduates (authenticated by telephone contact) 86%

What is Addiction?

How you define addiction determines the approach you will take in helping yourself or others. Exactly how do the Scriptures address addiction? Is a biblical approach more successful than popular programs?

Freedom from Addiction

What is the role of sin in addiction? Must it be dealt with in order to find true and lasting freedom or are even Christians powerless over addictions?

How to Defeat Temptation

What recovery programs call cravings, the Bible calls temptation. What is the biblical prescription for dealing with temptation? Resist it? Or perhaps search for that elusive “way of escape”?

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