With a payment plan and a money-back guarantee, this seminar ensures success.

My Commitment To You

Decades ago, I began an intensive journey into the study of addictions. When you consider the innumerable approaches to addiction today from the medical, psychological, and sociological disciplines, it doesn’t take long to realize that this subject is enormously expansive, complex, and overwhelming.

As someone who knew the addiction experience empirically, none of these models resonated with my soul. I could not come to grips with the idea that we are addicts with a disease over which we are powerless.

As a redeemed follower of the resurrected Christ, the idea that my troubled and traumatic upbringing was to blame left me feeling helpless. The theory that the world I grew up in was responsible for hopelessly corrupting me seemed an abrogation of personal responsibility before an all-knowing, all-wise, all-powerful God.

The Breaking the Chains Seminar is the result of over two decades of research at two seminaries and a few years held captive myself. Could it be that God has already made a provision for the nightmare of addiction? He has—I should know.

Let me speak plainly. I’ve been there and done that. So, when I tell you that there are biblical principles that bring true and lasting freedom from addiction, I know what I’m talking about—not merely intellectually, but experientially as well.

So confident am I that the principles taught in this seminar combined with my continual, personal interaction with you will lead you to lasting freedom from addiction that I offer this seminar with a money-back guarantee. If not completely satisfied that I deliver to you what I know is the biblical solution to addiction, I will refund 50% of your investment.

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